The Widow’s Faith

Scripture: Luke 18:5 KJV
Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.


Hallelujah! This widow would not stop until she gets the answer that she’s looking for. How many of us including myself would continue to press until we get the results that we are looking for?


This is the kind of faith that will prevail over the plans of the enemy. Especially when you go before God to pray about a situation and you waited for over a week or two and you still don’t see the answer most time if we don’t forget and think oh God doesn’t want me to have this or you change your mind about the thing.


Whatever her circumstances were, she wasn’t going to let go until justice has been served. Can you imagine the judge was an unjust man and he didn’t care about which God she serves and what her problem was; he just couldn’t be bothered with her continue coming.


That’s it! Persistence is the key to success. What happened to Daniel, he went before God and didn’t stop until 21 days before an angel sent by God came with the answer and said Daniel here is the deal; the prince of Persia was fighting me in the air because God sent the answer the moment you prayed.


I want you to stop and think right now. When did God answer Daniel’s prayer? You can read the story in Daniel chapter 10. God heard Daniel from the first day he prayed. But the answer came until 21 days. Praise-Break: Thank you, Jesus! Glory be to God!


Some things that we seek the face of God for takes time according to the vision, while others may be an instant manifestation. But the bottom line is don’t give up, don’t get up off your knees until you get the answer, don’t get up off your knees until you know heaven hears your request and God, send deliverance your way.


It takes no effort to give up, but it takes courage to be persistent. The Lord Jesus Christ is a God of LOVE and that covers every area of blessings in our lives. Remember now: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. PS 84:11 KJV.


As I encourage you, while I’m encouraging myself. Let’s fight the good fight of Faith. Hear our Lord Jesus words: when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth? Luke 18:8 AMPC.


If you haven’t been born again according to John 3:3, please turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the only one that can fulfill the GAP that is within our hearts. Nothing on this earth can satisfy you except the LOVE of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Remain Prayerful and Jesus will carry you through!      
Shalom😇 +❤️ Love🙏🏼      
Accept Jesus today and your life will never be the same!       

Thanks for spending time with me in the WORD today, meditate on a scripture verse, confessing it every day until it becomes a part of your spirit, your character. Love you and stay blessed!

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